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Monday, 18 February 2008

Quote from Deepak Chopra

This is taken from an article someone sent me titled "Deepak Chopra Leads Me on a Journey Into Consciousness" by Allison Kugel - January 10, 2008

Deepak Chopra: ".. there comes a moment, if you're diligent with your meditation, there comes a moment where there are no thoughts and there is no device that is being used for meditation as well. In the eastern traditions, frequently the device that is used for meditation is called a mantra. Mantra is a sound that has no story attached to it... So if you keep mentally repeating.. it starts to compete with your thinking process. If you just stay with it very, very effortlessly, then there comes a time when the mantra and the thoughts kind of cancel each other out and your replacement is neither mantra nor thought"

And then what is achieved:

Deepak Chopra: "Complete silence in the mind and therefore complete silence in the body as well; a state of unity consciousness. What separates you from others is your individual mind that manifests as your personal ego. So if you take that out of the way, there is nothing that separates you from anything else in existence...It's a state of consciousness. When consciousness is without thought content, then everything is unified"

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