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Thursday, 7 February 2008

The Maharishi dies 6 Feb 2008

It was only a few weeks ago that I had an email alert that the Mahrishi Yogi had retired suddenly, announcing to the world that his ‘work was done’.

And this week (on 6 Feb 2008) we learnt that the Maharishi (a Hindi title for “great seer”) had died peacefully at his residence in the Dutch village of Vlodrop. He was 91 years of age and said to have died “from natural causes, his age”.

Most people who know about meditation will have heard about TM. I have not had any direct experience of the TM method which is mainly due to the high cost of their courses more than anything else... and this has always been one of the main criticisms of the group. I do know two TM practitioners who are great PR for the method and what it has brought to their lives ~ peace and balance. I do enjoy mantra meditation however, being quite a common technique that is found in many different cultures and meditation schools, and maybe one day the opportunity to take a TM course will present itself.

The Maharishi began the worldwide Transcendental Meditation movement (TM) in 1957 in India, and his international renown hit mega heights when the Beatles stayed with him in his ashram in the 1960s and learnt his technique. There are now books, groups, ashrams, 24-hour television broadcasts, CDs and courses as the organisation has evolved into quite a powerful worldwide corporate giant. The Maharishi was also a strong supporter of scientific research into meditation (which is fantastic) and there are now mountains of research and papers written.

In the 1960's TM simplified meditation for the world... said to involve a monosyllabic mantra, practiced for twenty minutes twice a day with one’s eyes closed, to help quieten the mind. The movement claim’s that more than 6 million people have taken the courses.

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