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Sunday, 24 February 2008

Instant Coffee Mind!

The instant coffee mind is the mind that seems to think we can live our lives with the mantra "I want it.. and I want it NOW"..

Isn't there a pill to fix the problem NOW?

Can't you just fix my car NOW?

But I want to be the boss NOW!

Yes I want to meditate.. can I just sit and get it NOW?

Well. sorry but life doesn't work that way. Deep down you probably already know this truth.

Building anything in life that is worthwhile takes patience and persistence and sometimes amazing amounts of both... and thats the secret!

To find and sustain a deep meditation practice will require a slow, persistent and gentle commitment and follow through. Meditation can be easy to learn but surprisingly tough to practice even after years of practice.. there can still be times when it can appear you are getting nowhere, when you start to question if it's even possible, when you still find aches/pains/worries keep coming up, when you consider just giving up...

... and then there are moments of simple stillness.. clear understanding... and the touching of joy!

I think these are four key traits needed to support your meditation practice..

Patience ~ Playfulness ~ Practice ~ Persistence

Thats all for tonight.

Time to sit.

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