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Sunday, 13 March 2016

New Meditation Intention Bracelet

Our new Meditation Intention Bracelet

The Inspiration: recently on holiday in Bali, I met a friendly Balinese beach trader who despite the heady heat of the day was enthusiastically plying her wares up and down the beach.  While I was not keen on any more shopping .. I was drawn to one particular sample, a black mala made with a striking jet black stone that I had not seen before.  I found out it was 'local volcanic rock from the Bali eruption' and from that moment I was on a mission to find out more.

Bali is home to a range of towering volcanic mountains that divides the island into northern and southern portions. To the largely Hindu-Balinese, the volcanoes are considered the homes of the gods and therefore sacred, and with numerous eruptions having happened over thousands of years the island is now left with extremely fertile and high nutrient soil .. which you can see everywhere in the rice paddy fields and lush tropical vegetation.

To many travellers however, especially in recent years, the volcanic eruptions represent holiday plans being cancelled or delayed.  Just in the last three years alone, there have been several unexpected eruptions at Mt Raung (East Java) or Mt Rinjani (island of Lombok) causing flights to be grounded both in and out of the country. (I was secretly hoping to be unable to leave .. alas this was not to be).

The stone bead that I found on the beach, is therefore a product of many thousands of years of geological activity; exquisitely formed from the erupted magna that once cool produces a unique texture characterized by little voides left from the escaping gases.  Looking around Bali and Indonesia now, I can see the stone being used in numerous architectural structures, decorative features and statues as the stone is known for its natural beauty, strength, density and heat resistance.  

Meditation Intention Bracelet: Designed to provide a visual trigger to reminder you to stop, take a breath and turn your focus inward.  As you move through your day the bracelet is a gentle whisper to return to the breath and the present moment.  

In this way we keep our intention to meditate shining in our thoughts .. building mindfulness and awareness

Our new meditation intention bracelet has been inspired by our recent journey to the Island of the Gods, and the beauty of these beads created by Mother Earth.

Black Lava Beads: believed to carry a powerful energy that brings strength, determination and passion to those who wear them.  The bead is also considered a protective stone that repels negativity, with a grounding quality that comes from being created within the centre of the earth.

Silver Lotus Charm: the lotus flower grows in muddy water and is closed at night, sinking under the water to wait for dawn when it rises above the surface to bloom with remarkable beauty.  Untouched by the impurity of the muddy water the lotus symbolizes the purity of heart and mind and represents enlightenment, renewal, transformation and new beginnings.

Meditation Intention Bracelet

Turquoise or Black Tassel

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