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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Video welcome & challenge ahead

Good morning!

Yesterday the sun was shining and I was enjoying my coffee while soaking up the warmth in my new office (love my new office) .. and looking through my 'wish-to-do-list'.  It is a long list. And I realised, that I had consistently written on my list ..

make some videos .. 

But in the past there seemed to always be a reason to put it off .. to wait until I had the right equipment (thinking I needed a proper microphone and lighting and software), or that I should get my hair done, or write a good script.

But the sun was shining .. and I decided to just DO IT!

Like I am always saying in meditation class .. just DO IT and see.

SO here is my off-the-cuff introduction to Quiet Mind Meditation.  

AND now that I have met that challenge and taken the leap of faith .. I am excited to share that I have started making the video content for my 

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