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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Meditation and Pregnancy

Pregnancy Pamper Retreat
Sunday 26th APRIL 
Moroccan Lounge, Prahran 
10am - 2pm
 Proudly supporting Miracle Babies Foundation

I am so honoured to be part of the upcoming Pregnancy Pamper Retreat next month .. let me tell you, one of the best EVER gifts you can give to yourself and your baby during pregnancy is MEDITATION! 

I live in constant gratitude for having a regular meditation practice (of some 14+ years) prior to falling pregnant, and giving birth to my daughter. It was a challenging time in my life having found myself suddenly single in the early stages of my first pregnancy, trying to hold down a challenging corporate job while navigating a separation (emotionally and financially) .. and being far away from family and friends. 

What my meditation practice gave me (each and every morning and sometimes during the day) was a safe harbour .. an opportunity to connect to my own inner island of calm and ease. And I had years of ‘knowing’ how meditation supported and nourished me .. knowing that when I sat each morning I returned to my centre .. knowing that by allowing my mind to clear and settle, answers would come up to current issues easily and frequently .. knowing that for those 20 minutes or so I was in deep communication with myself and my child .. and knowing that from my practice I was happier, more content, more accepting.

I knew in my heart (and mind) that no matter what madness was going on around me .. I had a safe harbour within me. And never had I felt more certain that my meditation practice was all in preparation for that moment. 

Throughout my pregnancy, I meditated on my cushion (often needing help to get down on the floor and up again!) and practiced my meditative exercises during the day. And when waiting for medical appointments, waiting for sleep to come or waiting for heartburn to pass .. I found in meditation I could soften and let go of the worries and ruminations .. and magically my baby would also quieten and settle (NOT her natural state of being then or now) which meant that I naturally felt drawn to my meditation as being also a time of deep connection. 

Having a well-tested arsenal of meditation and mindfulness practices to ‘hold onto’ during childbirth also gave me great confidence to let go of expectations and open to being more present to the full experience. And then after my daughter arrived, I was able to nourish my sleep deprived mind and body with a deeper level of rest through my meditation. 

Over the last few years I have happily shared meditation with other women (and their partners) during this exciting time .. and have further developed the meditative exercises that I found invaluable during my pregnancy and birth.  

Now my baby is a teenager - oh if that is not enough to send me to my meditation cushion! But again, meditation is a brilliant long term parenting tool helping me to continue my journey to being present and open, to listen and be patient (something I will always have to work on). I believe that my meditation practice has provided me with greater tolerance and acceptance, less prone to having my ‘buttons pushed’ and more attentive and present to life. 

Join me at the Pregnancy Pamper Retreat ..  'where pregnancy Day Spa meets rejuvenating Mums Day Out', and experience a range of sensational pampering treatments by qualified therapists, gourmet canapes & wholesome organic treats, in a stunningly exotic and intimate space.  I shall be leading guided meditation practices, and discussing meditative exercises to support and nourish you throughout your pregnancy.

*I believe that meditation is a life skill that everyone can learn.  And I believe that learning to calm and relax - when you need and want to - is a wonderful early benefit of meditation. I am therefore a proud Affiliate of the Pregnancy Pamper Retreat and if you purchase your ticket through my affiliate link (above) I shall earn a commission (which is lovely) .. I only do this for those services or products that I trust, love and use myself.  Thank you so much for your support!


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