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Monday, 23 March 2015

Meditation 101 - For Beginners

Exploring Meditation
(4 week course)
Tuesday 5th to 26th May, 2015
Total Reformation Health & Wellbeing (Brighton, VIC)
Cost: $150

By the end of this four week course you will have started your own regular meditation practice .. and feel calmer, more engaged with life and confident to self manage your stress!

A four week course ideal for those new to meditation or those seeking to reconnect with their practice. We review some of the key principles of most meditation practices, introduce Meditative Exercises for daily stress relief, identify the key benefits and challenges in starting a regular meditation practice and explore of a range of different techniques so that everyone finds a practice that best suits them.  Research clearly shows that when you select a meditation practice that YOU are most comfortable with, you are likely to increase your chance of sticking with it!

Meeting weekly gives us a chance to get into the flow of meditation, and gain some insight into the benefits found in a regular practice. Each weekly class is designed to build on our understanding of meditation with time for instruction, discussion and PRACTICE with notes provided each week:

Week 1: core meditation principles, the ‘how’ and ‘why’, stress and how to circuit-break the habit and an introduction to Mindfulness of Body meditation
Week 2:  introduction to short Meditative Exercises and longer techniques (both invaluable) and Mindfulness of Breath meditation
Week 3: the brain ‘on meditation’, Mantra meditation, measuring your progress through biofeedback
Week 4: Mindfulness and how to build a daily mindfulness practice, listening/ eating and movement practices, resources for ongoing nourishment of your practice (what's nex) and the art of 'non-doing'.



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