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Saturday, 7 February 2015

Most Popular Lunchtime Enlightenment

Each work-day (that's Monday to Friday) I post a 'Lunchtime Enlightenment' tip on the Quiet Mind Meditation Facebook Page - you can also sign up for our email version HERE - these tips are designed to provide a little motivation and inspiration for taking a few moments (or minutes) during your lunch break for a gentle daily mindfulness practice. 

Each Saturday I am posting the most popular Lunchtime Enlightenment tip from the past week .. drum roll please .. 

Lunchtime Enlightenment #65

"Shifting our awareness to the sense of touch can be a powerful mindfulness practice that brings instant calm to a busy and distracted mind. Find some beautiful hand lotion that you can use for our hand massage exercise.

Start by removing any rings or bracelets. Open and close your hands a few times to get the blood flowing and to loosen tendons and ligaments. Notice how good it feels to really stretch and wriggle your fingers and thumbs. When ready, open your lotion and close your eyes for a moment so you can really investigate the ‘smell’ .. what scent do you notice? 

Apply a small amount of the lotion to the palm of your hand and warm by gently rubbing your hands together. Pay special attention to your knuckles and any dry areas, exploring the texture of the lotion, and any areas of the coolness/ warmth/slipperiness or stickiness. Massage each finger, using small circular movements and include the webbing between fingers, paying attention to the cuticles of each nail and being careful of tender or sore spots. 

Allow yourself the time to simply enjoy the sense of touch, sight and smell involved in this practice. Finish by stroking the top of the hand from knuckle to wrist, before resting and allowing the hand lotion to soak into the skin.

Did you know the human hand consists of 27 different bones?".


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