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Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Meditation in the news ..

A new and regular blog post .. a weekly round up of 'meditation in the news' .. Wednesday 11.02.2015

I have noticed over the last few years (especially) that there is a growing focus on meditation in the 'mainstream' media.  Just this morning when reviewing my Facebook feed, I tagged seven (7) articles on meditation of which five (5) were from traditional news stations (today including Boston Globe and New York Times).

Since I am a voracious reader of all things meditation, I thought I would share the love with you all on a Wednesday (because I am now spending one day a week in a very professional and funky office space, so there is a little more 'spaciousness' to read and ponder).

Handling Stress at work : Boston Globe

A doctor walking mindfully and a Chief HR Officer who meditates in her parked car before starting work each day. Research has found that even short interludes of mindfulness meditation can improve focus, promote more rational decision-making, and improve emotional control, among other benefits.

5 reasons to bring mindfulness to the body.  Mindfulness trains us to pay attention to sensations in the body, bringing us down from our heads and into our whole being. 

For 10 minutes at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, a conference room jammed with more than 100 high-powered delegates was entirely silent during a panel called Leading Mindfully.  Read more about this rare interlude of equanimity and the discussion of how meditation was impacting the workplace.

An Artist’s ‘Meditation Nightclub’ on the Las Vegas Strip : NY Times
New York-based multimedia artist Lia Chavez has crafted an cerebral take on the notion of nightclubbing.  Her show, “The Octave of Visible Light: A Meditation Nightclub,” tracks and displays the real-time relationship between visitors’ oscillating brainwaves and corresponding colors and sounds for a mesmerizing spectacle that’s entirely unique to each participant.

The Shrink on the Seattle Seahawks’ Sideline : The Wall Street Journal
Sports figures have long aspired to what is commonly referred to as “mindfulness”— an ability to perform without worrying about what has just happened or what might happen next.   Michael Gervais, a sport psychologist with a strong background in mindfulness, is a key figure in the mission to improve focus and inspire peak performance.

And a great video on the Scientific Power of Meditation from ASAP SCIENCE


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