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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Company meditation

“Our daily meditation has had an impact on each teammate individually, as well as our culture as a whole,” says Mike Del Ponte, cofounder of Soma

“For individuals, meditation increases focus, decreases stress, and helps us to be more creative. As a company, it sets the tone for the vibe we want to have in the office: relaxed, thoughtful, and focused on health.”

Article today in Business Insider Australia with four tips for incorporating meditation into you workplace:

1. Make it a daily ritual, not something that’s “nice to have.”
Ten to 15 minutes is short enough to be accessible to everyone, but long enough to have a meaningful effect.

2. Make it comfortable for everyone.
Let employees sit how they want and do whatever they choose with the available time. 

3. Make it fun.
"At the end of each session, we say ‘Somaste’ (instead of Namaste) to remind ourselves not to take things too seriously.” 

4. Ask someone to take the lead.
“There’s usually one person in the company that is really passionate about meditation.” 

Full article from Business Inside Australia here.

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