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Monday, 12 January 2015

White Light Meditation


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This week we explored WHITE LIGHT MEDITATION 

In most meditative traditions we find there is a healing meditation which includes the visualization of a stream of white light.  Sometimes the light is just a light (like the sun or a skylight above our heads) other times it might be 'felt' more as a warm liquid air sensation.  When you use visualization in meditation you don't need to actually 'see' the image, rather you hold a 'feeling or sensing tone'.  

Many other colours are also found in meditation.  Chakra Meditation includes the use of seven different colours, each representing a different chakra and energy quality.  Blue is often associated with creativity, relaxation and sincerity; Green represents harmony, freedom and growth; and Gold represents abundance, higher ideals and pleasure.  As we breathe in the light, we fill our body with these colours, encouraging the light to wash our bodies on the inside and outside, flowing into organs, cells, bones, muscles. 

This is not a daydreaming exercise.

In meditation we continue to be very aware of our quality of focus and awareness .. in this instance our focus is on the white light.  If you find the light hard to visualize, you can also imagine pure water (like a refreshing waterfall spray) or anything that signifies a purifying force to you. The objective of this meditation is to relieve stress and create a protective calmness.  We can also extend the light (and the protection) to others, to our homes, to our workplaces, to our transportation ..

* Sit in a comfortable position with your back straight and your legs uncrossed. You may also try this meditation lying down. Allow the palms of your hands to rest with the palms upward. 

* Take a moment to enjoy the quietness of simply being, enjoying the beauty of the inhalation and the release of the exhalation. 

* When you are ready, start by imagining an intensely bright white light radiating above your head .. like the sun shining down upon you. A healing light, a life affirming and protective light just above your head. 

* Taking a few vigorous breaths to start .. really drawing in the white light through the nose and pulsing it around the body. The breath is our power and in this practice we relish the white light flooding the body, so we open and breathe in the light with gusto and enthusiasm. 

* After a few deeper breaths, allow your breath to soften and slow and sense the white light wafting around you, around your body and your place in the room. 

* Visualize the white light flowing into the nostrils and lungs, moving through the pores of your skin. 

* Imagine the light flowing into the pelvic and belly area, filling the pelvic bowl with a beautiful, calming white light, then floating down the legs and to the very ends of your toes . 

* Visualize the light streaming into the cells, organs, bones and muscles of the body, healing and protecting them, bringing wholeness and purity. 

* And as you exhale visualize letting go of the old, worn and unwanted. 

* Feel the body beginning to glow and warm with the light, enjoy this moment as the body beams with health and vitality. 

* And the light forming a gentle coat around the outside of the body, cocooning the body like a warm blanket. 

* Once bathed in the white light, rest in this stillness. Be aware that the light shall remain within you to continue to support and heal you in times of need. 

* The light remains with the breath always, symbolizing health, love and healing. 


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