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Saturday, 24 January 2015

Most Popular Lunchtime Enlightenment

Each work-day (that's Monday to Friday) I post a 'Lunchtime Enlightenment' tip on the Quiet Mind Meditation Facebook Page - you can also sign up for our email version HERE - these tips are designed to provide a little motivation and inspiration for taking a few moments (or minutes) during your lunch break for a gentle daily mindfulness practice. 

Each Saturday I am posting the most popular Lunchtime Enlightenment tip from the past week .. drum roll please ..

Lunchtime Enlightenment #55

Heard of the Slow Movement?

When life becomes too busy and you start to feel overwhelmed with 'to do's' the slow movement philosophy recommends that you start embracing slow living to restore balance.

Mindfully paying attention with purpose to the task at hand, try slowing down whatever you are doing by half .. whether this is surfing the internet, sweeping the leaves, hanging the washing or thinking on a work project. By deliberately changing your pace so that it feels like you are moving in slow motion, you can dramatically reduce stress and tension.

Try regular 5 minute periods of s-l-o-w-i-n-g  d-o-w-n. 

See how slow you really can go! 

~ Sarah, Quiet Mind Meditation

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