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Sunday, 4 January 2015

Learn how to meditate in 2015

I hope that you have had a good festive season break .. some time to wander, read, reflect and get some fresh air.

I am still taking it a little easy for a few weeks as in Australia we have our big Summer break (seven weeks for schools) and the weather is hot, hot & hot. Bushfire season (not nice).  Beach time (loving that).  Time with the kids (extra special).  And time to JUST BE.  

If you have been thinking ..

"I really must learn to meditate this year"

Then you may like to join us on the Quiet Mind Meditation E-Course which starts on the 1st January 2015 - but we are still having people register even today! when the time is right .. the time is right.

This is a 31-day email based course that gently guides you into a daily meditation practice with instructions, inspirations and tips, and a private blog page for questions and additional resources.  If you find yourself in a quiet office, at the holiday house or in the hammock .. then this might be the ideal time to start meditating!

For simple daily mindful moments you might like to join our  Lunchtime Enlightenment community, either on our facebook page /Quietmindmeditation or via email here .. the Lunchtime Enlightenment tips are simple mindfulness practices that will encourage you to pause~take a breath~rest and refresh .. each lunchtime, Monday to Friday.

If you would like to join me for my next course; I am teaching the 'Meditation Map' on Sunday 18th January in St Kilda 5.30-7.30pm. The workshop is $50 and you can sign up here. I designed the Meditation Map as a step-by-step guide for meditation .. while our journey is unique there are common signposts along the way, and understanding where we might be heading can make the whole journey that much more enjoyable.  In this workshop you will learn each step (there are nine steps) and take home a copy of the Meditation Map E-Book.

I am off now to do a little shopping with the teenager (something we do not often do, so its manageable) and look forward to continuing our meditation journey together in 2015.

Sarah, Quiet Mind Meditation

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