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Sunday, 7 December 2014

Introducing the Just Start meditation series

In meditation, when distracted we gently and kindly return to the next breath .. the next moment and  

start again

I have been working on our new website for a few months now .. super exciting but also taking a lot longer than I thought.  There is so much to think about, assess, discuss, redesign and release into the world.

I aim to share the new website with you all in the New Year .. in the meantime I want desperately to share some of the really good, solid, foundation 'stuff' that has been hidden in the archives.  I have started to formulate a new program of meditation for you that explores the art and science of meditation is easly digestible chunks.

Introducing the JUST START SERIES

Over the next few weeks of December (prior to the madness of the festive season proper) I will share with you three posts each week for those new to meditation or those seeking to refresh and revitalise their practice. 

Enough to JUST START.

#1 Finding Your Centre (8 Dec)
#2 Flavours of Meditation (10 Dec)
#3 Beginners Mind (12 Dec)
#4 Do I need a Meditation space (15 Dec)
#5 Let's Sit (17 Dec)
#6 Let's Sit Part 2 (19 Dec)

Come along.  Join us. 

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