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Monday, 28 July 2014

Just For Today ..

I bumped into a friend over the weekend .. found out she was studying Reiki and that got me talking about this post that I wrote so long ago .. a really popular (if not one of the most popular) posts from our Monday Meditation Musings series (originally posted July 2012).

The Reiki Principle "JUST FOR TODAY"

Life is so full of possibilities .. so many things we would love to do, achieve, be and live! However sometimes it seems there is just too much choice, and then we get so 'caught up' in the potentiality of life that we become stuck in indecision, inaction or paralysis of analysis.
Often the seemingly long term nature of our desired vision is the issue.  We project our sights too far into the future ...'when I lose the extra 10 pounds' .. 'when I give up the red wine every night' .. 'when I clean up my debt' .. and 'when I have time I shall make sure I meditate'.

But if we take the pressure off ourselves by declaring our intentions to do something 


.. then almost anything is truly possible!

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique administered by the transferring of energy (ki or life force) through the hands. If one's life force energy is low, then we are more open to illness or stress, if it is high we are more open to health and happiness. 

The word Reiki comes from two Japanese words - Rei meaning 'god's wisdom or the Higher Power' and Ki which is 'life force energy' so Reiki is 'spiritually guided life force energy'. I recently became aware of the Reiki Ideals which I love:

Just for today, I will let go of anger
Anger at others or oneself or at the whole world creates serious disharmony in one's energy. Letting go of anger Brings Peace of Mind.

Just for today, I will let go of worry
Worry deals with future events and most of the things we worry about do not actually come to fruition. Letting go of worry brings Healing into the Body.

Just for today, I will give thanks for my many blessings.
Being grateful, giving thanks, forgiveness, smiles and kind words can improve life and bring happiness. A heart filled with gratitude expands. Being Grateful brings Joy into the Spirit.

Just for today, I will do my work honestly
Being earnest in our work whatever it is, brings us into the present moment. Devoting ourselves to our work (spiritual or career) is an act of gratitude. Being Earnest in one's Work brings Abundance into the Soul.

Just for today, I will be kind to my neighbour and every living thing

Honor through kindness to all and especially ourselves creates unity. Remember : we are all One. Being Kind brings Love into the Will.

'Understand that the right to choose your own path is a sacred privilege. 
Use it. Dwell in possibility' 
[Oprah Winfrey]

Instead of being squashed under the immensity of making a life long change or decision (no matter how good or worthy) .. why not just try living your intention one day at a time .. starting today!

JUST FOR TODAY .. I am going to .. 

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