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Sunday, 29 June 2014

Sunday Pause 30 June 2014

Welcome to the Sunday Pause .. join me as I wander through some of the inspiring, creative and simply funny stuff that I saw online this week!

This is one example of the 'simple funny stuff' that passed my way this week. Silly simple laughter can change the whole dynamic of your day.

My online journey this week took me wide and far ...

I have been enjoying Dr Libby's A-Z of Winter Wellness ... especially this week's Q=Quiet Time

Which has inspired me to make this gorgeous Pie for Gluten Intolerant folk (that's us) .. some wholesome comfort food for the weekend ..

Which further supports my role of Goddess .. which Hindu Goddess are you? (I am Saraswati - Goddess of knowledge, music and the arts) .. 

Would you like to join me in August on the '100 Happy Days Challenge' - I have signed up to start 1st August and you can follow my mindfully happy challenge on Instagram with #100happydayswithquietmind  (it's going to be a lovely mindfulness practice when I shall also be visiting the Island of the Gods)

And talking of mindfulness .. you are probably already doing daily mindfulness practices that you are not even aware of .. read some of these beautiful mindfulness moments

Mindfulness and neuroscience are two words that I am constantly seeing in my FB feed .. how about the '7 principles of neuroscience for coaches' .. 

and as I do have a bit of a 'thing' for reading about successful people, and I guess learning from their experiences .. this caught me eye how to be more productive

And one thing that I know is going to help my productivity is to find a new office space .. plus I am always interested in innovative venue spaces .. this is a great resource 

And .. have you considered using essential oils to improve your mood and productivity?

And finally .. it is raining gently here this morning and there is nothing better on a cold Winter Sunday morning than to do something you love (reading, writing, meditating) while listening to the rain outside ..  

I hope you had a magnificent and relaxing weekend .. and an even more brilliant week ahead ..

and please tell me your favourite weekend website in the comments below so we can share the love next week ..

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