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Sunday, 29 June 2014

My Week of Meditation: Day 3

A crazy life .. made easier by a regular meditation practice!

Yes, I had a bit of a crazy busy week with something 'on' every evening which was tiring but also exciting .. so writing My Week of Meditation got shoved into a back corner.

I continued to meditate each morning - because meditation is a non-negotiable part of my daily routine - but writing about it .. I definitely fell off that wagon quicker than expected.

But I did want to share my meditation practice of Day 3 because it was one that resonated deeply with me .. and the message that came through that I wanted to share was an important one .. 

One of the gifts of a regular meditation practice is the insight we receive .. insight into our life, our feelings, our thoughts .. and that insight can be life changing.

When we race through life .. constantly busy, entertained and stimulated .. we allow no time for 'listening' to our heart, soul and mind.  Under all the noise and busyness there is a stream of consciousness that is constantly speaking to us .. influencing our actions, our decisions and the way we see the world.

In the stillness of meditation our mind (and our thoughts) become a lot clearer to us .. we begin to 'see' our habitual thinking, observe where it might come from, realise the influence it is having on our life .. and we have an opportunity to choose whether to keep that pattern of thinking or discard it.

this is powerful stuff

I think that we truly only have this opportunity if we start cultivating a regular meditation practice.  Really making space for quiet stillness which is where we can let go of all the noise and open up our awareness to our inner dialogue, beliefs and values.

We start cultivating this habit from the first time we meditate .. when we make a choice to actually stop and be still (and drop the busyness excuse). 

And every time we meditate we strengthen our ability to 'see' our thoughts and make a choice of which thoughts we shall hold onto .. because each time we get distracted in meditation, we notice what silly (often negative) thoughts are the culprits for distracting us, and we choose to return to our meditation.

Each time we are distracted and then return to our meditation practice - we are strengthening our CHOICE muscle .. 

In the stillness of meditation you practice observing our thoughts and have the opportunity to make a 

CHOICE : to accept or delete

This was an amazingly powerful realisation that really resonated with me this week.

I shall continue to share some of my morning meditation practices next week.

So let's meditate!

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