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This is a quiet space .. designed to inspire, nurture and support your meditation practice so that you might find your own quiet mind

Saturday, 31 May 2014

a simple morning meditation

*find a spot to sit comfortably and allow yourself enough time to just enjoy the place you have found yourself, allowing your mind and body to settle a little .. slowly bringing your attention to your beautiful breath
*enjoy a moment of just breathing .. watching/feeling/embracing this 'life breath' moving in and out of your body
*and then when the moment arrives when you feel a real connection to your breath .. take a slightly deeper inhalation and gently hold the full breath for a count of three (1-2-3)
*and then when you exhale .. release the breath like emptying a balloon ..with all the air escaping from you, right through to the very last drop of air 
*and then wait (between exhalation and inhalation) for the count of three (1-2-3)
*until your body asks you to breathe in again
*repeat this exercise a couple of times.

Then .. just enjoying this perfect moment in the best possible way .. by being present.

Meditative Exercises are simple, straightforward and powerful practices that may take only a few minutes but allow us to re-balance and refocus.  You can learn more of these simple, profound and immediately accessible Meditative Exercises  in our Meditative Exercises E-Book HERE 

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