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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Meditation E-Course polishing

Such a lovely day today .. beautiful music, sunshine through the window, dog at my feet .. and the creative right-side of my brain is firing as I review and tweek the Quiet Mind Meditation E-Course which starts .. 

1st May

The online course is based on our very successful six week Exploring Meditation course but has been designed for those of you who:

  • Can't make it to a class .. or honestly dislike group classes full stop!
  • Want to try meditation in the comfort of your home or office
  • Want to find out more but at your own pace before committing to anything longer
  • Your not quite sure it's 'your thing' because you think (a lot)
  • And you have so little time
  • Did I mention .. you have so little time

BUT perhaps you are starting to realise that in fact there is never a best time .. and that your mental and physical health is paramount .. and this ancient practice has been long acknowledged as a key for self managing stress and cultivating a broader, quieter and more spacious mind.


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