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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Finding 'time'

Time is an hour glass of sand sometimes .. isn't it?

There are days when time seems to be slipping by too fast .. other times when we feel like we are twiddling our fingers waiting for time to pass.

I often hear people exclaim that they are 'way too busy to meditate' .. too busy to find even ten minutes for their own well-being and sanity? 

We do have a tendency to put off that which is most beneficial in our lives.  

We tell ourselves we should walk more, eat less or get some more sleep .. and in the next breath we say .. perhaps when it's a little quieter, when I've finished this work project, when I take a holiday .. when life is not so busy.

Ahh .. the secret of meditation!

It is when life is totally full-on and we feel ourselves getting lost in the mass of 'stuff' that we have to do (the overwhelm) that the real benefit of meditation becomes obvious.   And then when a crisis occurs in life .. we have that deeper reservoir of peacefulness to draw on.

This quote by Gandhi is one of my favourites.  I have learnt over the years that when I am most time-pressured and overwhelmed, that is when I MOST need to stop and reconnect with my meditation practice.   Then when I return to my day and tasks, I have more calmness and focus in which to complete everything.

I meditate because it makes me feel better, calmer and clearer .. I find I react to things less and I think better.  There is a sense of 'space' between thoughts and actions so that I have time to see the bigger picture and thereby act (hopefully) a little more appropriately.  I really do feel that I communicate and listen better. 

Life 'flows' more and I feel much more 'in the flow' of life when I meditate

.. As I said to the class last night .. if I was giving away one day indulgent spa treatments that had to be used this week .. you would ALL find time to participate. 

Time seems to magically open up when we really want something.

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