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Sunday, 27 April 2014

Just a little bit (of meditation)

beautiful quote & image from Journey To Peace (pinterest)


Imagine that getting started is the only thing in the world that matters. 

Just starting.  

Remove all distractions, turn off the phone and move away from the computer and just sit. 

Just starting. 

Not doing the whole meditation .. just starting. Close your eyes. Relax your body. Give yourself 60 seconds.

Pay attention to your breathe and notice when your mind urges you to switch to something else (Facebook will be there later, that call can wait, and you can eat in a minute). Just for this next breath .. truly breathe.

Don't move, but notice the urge to.  Don’t ruminate/fantasize/analyse, but notice the urge to.

The pull of a thought, a distraction will pass, like puffy clouds in the sky above .. allow each one to just arrive and leave.

Notice this breathe. 

Then, notice this breathe.  

As long as you like. Just a tiny step towards peacefulness.

Once started .. the rest will flow. Each time you have a moment. Just start. Without a goal or a timeframe.

Just begin. 

And soon you will want to continue longer. Soon everything external will drop away and you will just rest. Meditation will find you. And then .. it's done. You found the starting point.  

Just this moment.

Next Sunday 4th May we start back at Ihana Yoga with our Sunday Meditation Series (6-7pm) you might like to join us: www.ihanayoga.com.au

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