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Sunday, 6 April 2014

A Sunday Pause ..

Welcome to my fun new project .. the Sunday Pause.

Actually everything I do on this site is fun .. but I was inspired by one of my new favourite newsletters to share some of the amazing 'stuff' that I find myself reading, digesting and sharing online. 

Admittedly, at the moment I'm fully engrossed in new learning through the innovative online experience known as 'B-School'  but this has also opened up a magical realm of creatives and inspired thinkers .. so while I meander through this world I thought I should share some of the fun stuff with my tribe (that's you!).  I am thinking of calling this my Sunday Pause containing a good news feed from my week so you can see where I peeked and what I found ..

along with a piece of my favourite music if you are so inclined:

So the past week (for me) has been - BUSY!  I finished my latest group of classes and said goodbye to all the lovely participants who shall now continue with their meditation journey .. giving me a couple of weeks to catch up on other projects:

such as planning for a long awaited holiday to my favourite location (where I had my ah-ha moment and birthed Quiet Mind Meditation) and another sweet break later this year with my best-girl friends here

Meanwhile I am working 200% on B-School and about to start this amazing course 

thank goodness I have my best MATE keeping me grounded and loved

and this weekend I am actually down the coast for a quick refresh.. although not at my dream beach shack which I watched being built and now just look at longingly

One super exciting piece of news is that I was accepted as an Event Assistant at this amazing event .. I missed it last year and it really is a must for bloggers (now I just have to sit still until December)

I am thrilled to be participating again in this brilliant Mindfulness program .. and have set up a Quiet Mind Meditation team, so if you want to help put clean water wells in developing countries come along and join up - starts 1st May and I would love to have you on board with us ..

I also spent some time checking out my girlfriends new homewares store

trying to learn what my iPhone is actually capable of doing (here are ten things I never knew) and argue with my 16yo who gets these pants which we both saw online (while we were in different places)

and totally loving (did I say loving) my favourite tv show and when that finishes I am waiting for my Amazon Wish-List delivery including the book I want to read after recently completing the online course 

I got a little creative happiness this week by redesigning my Facebook Page .. over the next few weeks I will start rejigging this website.

Favourite Instagram post this week to share.  And that's all from me for now.  Did you enjoy some of my links?

Any really fun or creative links you might like to share with me?  Just leave in the Comments below.  


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