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Thursday, 20 February 2014

My meditation confession ..

I'm fessing up ..

I didn't meditate this morning

I rolled over and snuggled down and drifted back into another deep luscious sleep cycle.

It's turned cold here in Melbourne (we are know as the city of 'four seasons in one day' for a reason) and I taught a meditation class last night .. so I reconciled to myself in my dozy-half-awake state this morning .. that it would be ok to miss just this one morning meditation.

But its not.  Not really.

Because I have felt kind of 'out of wack' all morning .. with a lingering feeling that I have forgotten something important, like I have lost my footing (as well as a slight sense of guilt).

My commitment to myself is to meditate every day because I know that my life is better when I do.  Because I know that I travel lighter, roll with the punches better, feel more in tune with my surroundings and the people around me .. I connect with this sense of being 'in the flow' yet grounded.

So what to do?

Well .. I realise having meditated for more than twenty years that sometimes (for whatever reason) we just don't do what we know is good for us (or we do the things we know are not good for us!).

And I have learnt from my meditation practice that that's ok.  That I can be kind and gentle with myself .. that I can start again at any moment, with the next breath.

Meditation is my 'life support system' and I know that I can ..

PLUG IN at any time

No time like the present actually.

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