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Friday, 21 February 2014

Missing your meditation?

Did you read yesterday .. how I didn't do my morning meditation?

So you know I have meditated for like a zillion years .. but (surprise surprise) I still fall off the meditation wagon.
Still human.

Started me thinking about motivation, intention, commitment .. and what was the actual challenge for me yesterday morning (laziness? or comfort?) ..

We all have challenges that keep us occasionally from doing the positive, worthy and valuable things we know are good for us .. little hiccups in life that don't need to become huge 'issues' .. but it made me wonder

what are your biggest challenges to starting or continuing with your meditation practice? and what could I provide to support and encourage you?

We have a range of free newsletters and guided meditations .. but I would LOVE to hear your thoughts.  

I have a Survey of JUST TWO QUESTIONS (maybe three if your keen) and so look forward to hearing from you ..


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