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Friday, 3 January 2014

Ihana Yoga Teacher Mentoring Program

Exciting news for 2014!

Last year I started meditation instruction at the beautiful Ihana Yoga (Hampton Street, Hampton) and this year I am honored to be participating in the Ihana Yoga Teacher Mentoring Program

This is a unique opportunity for professional and personal development.  The meditation modules aim to develop your understanding of meditation, deepening your personal meditation practice and support your ability to successfully conduct a meditation class. 

"Ihana Yoga teachers are passionate about continuous yoga study, and since the type of training we wanted to attend doesn't exist yet, we decided to create it. We found the best mentors with decades of experience, and now want to share our 'Yoga Teacher Mentoring Program 2014' with all yoga teachers in Melbourne. The scope of study exceeds existing registered YTTs".

More details shall be shared soon or you can register your interest via email.

(I cannot wait to get started)

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