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Monday, 30 December 2013

Starting 2014 with a Joy Jar

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At the start of 2013 I shared with the Monday Meditation Musing 'tribe' the wonderful New Year practice of starting a Joy Jar .. a daily practice of writing a note of events, occasions, successes, things to be grateful for .. and popping them into a jar. 

While it takes a little commitment to remember to make your notes .. the joy of opening the jar at the end of the year and reliving all the happy occasions, the personal and professional 'wins', the moments of deep reflection and times of thankfulness, make this a wonderful new version of a gratitude journal. 

The practice teaches us to acknowledge (and honour) all the many (small and large) moments of joyfulness that happen as part of daily life .. providing us with a unique opportunity to witness the true wonders and magic of life across a busy year (when we often forget the simple and profound in the race of time). 

The jar is also a wonderful antidote for those times when negativity threatens or when you need a gentle reminder that there is much in life to be grateful for. 

At the end of the year you can then open the jar and find a wealth of memories to reflect on and enjoy again. .. alternatives could include making one for the whole family, having both a work and personal jar, include photo's or little tokens picked up along the way, drawings or cards. The options are endless. 


1.Start with an empty Mason jar, bottle or small box .. you may decide to decorate with positive quotes, stickers or ribbons
2.Keep the jar on your desk or bedside table, along with some pretty notepaper or sticky notes and pen
3.Starting on January 1st, every time something inspiring, positive, happy or awesome happens ~ make a note and place it in the jar 
4.Try to build the habit of adding at least one note every day, a gratitude practice that nourishes our awareness of all that we have to be thankful for in life
5.Include a date with each entry so you can remember the smaller events across the year 
6.On December 31st 2014 celebrate the year by opening the jar and reading through all the awesome events, occasions and 'wins' that presented themselves

And again, give thanks for full and bountiful life.. 

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