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Sunday, 29 December 2013

2 Days to JOIN our Meditation E-Course

Meditation as a Habit

Current thinking holds that it takes between 25-30 days to establish a HABIT .. and to establish that new habit we need repetition and consistency. 

One of the first hurdles when starting anything new .. like learning to mediate .. is remembering to do it. 


The Quiet Mind Meditation E-Course is designed around a daily email that acts as a trigger (or reminder) to continue with your learning .. and your sitting. 

And then .. there is a Theme

Another tool we provide is a daily theme .. because we love a simple word or phrase to summarize our focus for the day .. somewhat like a mantra. Themes include .. the Breathe, Listening, Sensing, Habits and Rituals.

The Quiet Mind Meditation E-Course is designed to build on your knowledge and understanding of meditation each day for the month of January (31 days in total). 

We start with Meditative Exercises and gentle build our practice from there. 

In the beginning it is more about setting aside the time and turning up .. starting to make your meditation practice a daily habit

Quiet Mind Meditation E-Course starts 1st JAN 2014

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