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Saturday, 21 December 2013

Scheduling Silence

I am very lucky .. and very grateful .. that I have the opportunity to escape to the water when I need to.

I often need to.

I have always enjoyed time alone .. time in silence .. and time by the water.

I love silence. My life and my SOUL need it.

At certain points (when life just+gets+too+busy) I find myself pulling away from the edge, holding back and closing down .. and I know it is time again for a personal retreat.

Time for silence.

Who would have thought that just a couple of days before Christmas the Universe put in place the structure I needed .. to allow me to escape.

A window of opportunity presented itself .. 

And the moment I hit the road .. I allowed the silence to start.  

And as the miles ticked over I felt my body soften, my breathing relax and my mind start to unfurl.

All the 'fluff and bubble' of the lead up to Christmas just seeped away on the highway (don't pick that old package up if you see it in the ditch).  And as the road passed under me, and the landscape changed to hills and the horizon gave me glimpses of water .. thoughts came and went in silence.

So that when I arrived at my destination.  I felt free again.

And here I am.

Plans? I have a few.  Rest.  Silence.  Writing.  Planning for 2014.

And the first entry in my beautiful new journal (that I gift to myself before the start of each new year) .. 

#1 personal well-being retreats: one weekend (minimum) every two months

Have you scheduled some time out for you year ahead?

Do you schedule SILENCE?

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