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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Life Breath Meditative Exercise

Life Breath Meditative Exercise 

For twelve breath cycles (inhalation and exhalation = one breath cycle) we shall rest our awareness on our breath; 3 breaths with our hands gently across our belly; 3 breaths with hands at the chest/heart; 3 breaths just feeling the touch of air at the nostrils, and 3 breaths observing the natural & momentary pause that occurs at the end of the exhalation. 

* Take a moment to settle into a comfortable position either in a chair or lying on the floor. Make sure your back is straight and body relaxed. You may like to close your eyes - this allows us to feel a little more removed from the chaos around us and assists us in gently turning our attention inward. 
* Place both your hands on your lower belly and for 3 breaths (breathing in through your nose and out through the mouth) simply rest into the feeling of the slow rise and expansion of your belly through your hands. Take gentle un-rushed breaths and feel the gentle movement of your expanding then contracting belly (perhaps imagining a small balloon expanding deep inside your belly). This is diaphragmatic breathing which tells the body ‘all is ok, you can relax’. 
* When exhaling (through the mouth) allow the breath to ‘fall out’ of your body. You could also try gently engaging your abdominal muscles at the end of the exhalation to release the very last bit of air from your lungs. 
* Don’t rush to the next inhalation .. just wait. 
* For the next 3 breaths place your hands on your upper chest/heart area feeling the rib cage widen and the chest lift, noticing how your shoulders, chest and upper back move slightly as you inhale. Keep your shoulders relaxed and try not to hold your breath at the top of your inhalation (which signals to the body that danger is imminent). 
* Next rest your hands in your lap and for 3 breaths hold your awareness at the nostrils feeling the cool stream of air as you inhale, and the warmer breath as you breathe out. 
* Finally, for the final 3 breaths place all your attention on just the exhalation and the very slight pause that appears at the end of the exhalation (before the body asks you to breathe in again). Simply notice that momentary pause ... the stillness and emptiness of that one moment. 

Before finishing the exercise allow yourself a few moments just to sit and breathe normally, listening to the sounds around you and enjoying the quiet before you return to your day.

This Meditative Exercise is introduced in our Quiet Mind Meditation E-Course as a starting practice.  To teach us how to feel and observe our breath.

The E-Course starts 1st JANUARY 2014 with 31 daily emails designed to gently build on your knowledge and understanding of meditation. PLUS we are there to motivate, encourage and support you along the way .. it's the perfect start to a new year and you can participate while at the beach, at a ski resort or in the office.  EARLY BIRD SPECIAL until 22nd December.

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