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Saturday, 2 November 2013

Top 10 Wellness Travel Trends of 2014

I have often lamented the lack of wellness options when travelling .. eased somewhat in recent years with all the wonderful lifestyle and health blogs that you can hook into when travelling to find out about local wellness events and services.

As a corporate traveller (yes this was some years ago) I quickly identified a HUGE gap in the market because when I arrived in a new town .. I desperately wanted to get a massage, find a yoga or meditation class, eat something healthier than a supermarket/restaurant offering .. and while hotels offered very expensive and very 'beauty school' style and silly racks of 'Things To Do' they NEVER had true wellness options.

In recent years - as a meditation coach - I have approach a number of local retreat/spa/boutique hotels to discuss the option of offering meditation as part of their wellness menu.  Not I must admit with much success.

So I was happy to read a news report today from Wellness Tourism Worldwide, a leading wellness travel business, who have released the "Top 10 Wellness Travel Trends of 2014” and found that the forecast is based on data and trend analysis including site visits, literary reviews, surveys, interviews and feedback from consumers travel trade, healthcare professionals, wellness experts and academia. And the number one trend? 

#1 Mind Matters

Consumers have caught on to mindful vacations that offer mental restoration.  Practices learned on a trip such as meditation, yoga, qi going and journaling can be incorporated at home to help manage stress, improve cognitive capacity and maintain emotional equilibrium.

If you are a wellness business interested in discussing how you might include meditation as part of your service offering then give me a call ... I would love to bring Quiet Mind Meditation to your business.


  1. The Farm at San Benito is a luxurious health resort situated in a unique and calming environment to enable guests to rejuvenate the body and mind. The Farm features 32 cozy villas and suites which are surrounded by the natural landscapes. The hotel specializes in preventive health care – from integrative doctors, nurturing therapists, fitness consultants, yoga teachers and a personalized plan to improve one’s physical-emotional health, spiritual vitality, fitness & movement.

  2. Diana Smith .. The Farm looks beautiful, the visual images are gorgeous .. maybe one day I shall visit to meditate!

  3. Diana Smith .. The Farm looks beautiful, the visual images are gorgeous .. maybe one day I shall visit to meditate!



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