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Thursday, 7 November 2013

Sustaining a Meditation Practice

You have embarked on a journey that others have done over thousands of years. May their awakening inspire and support you. May the sincerity of your practice heal and free your spirit.
(Tara Brachs)

*Sit every day even if its just for a short period. Intentionally dedicating this time of quieting – is a gift to the soul!

*Pause Often  A few times each day (or each hour on the hour) pause a moment. Re-establish contact with your body and breathe. Allow time to pause and explore this moment in time – the space of a pause will allow you to rebalance, regroup and come home.

*Reflect regularly on your intention for starting meditation – health, happiness etc

*Join a meditation group or practice with friends. Use inspiring books, reading inspiring articles or listen to beautiful guided meditation CDs. Nourish yourself.

*If you miss a practice for a day, a week or a year – simply begin again. Simple.

*Don’t judge your practice – rather accept what unfolds and trust in your capacity to be with yourself and to learn.

*The art of meditation is to practice with curiosity, kindness and a gentle touch.

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