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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Shrug it out!

Meditation is not rock-science .. it just takes a little interest, a little patience and a willingness to DO IT! 

Meditative Exercises are ideal for all those who say "but I don't have time" or "I'm too busy" because these wonderful exercises may only take  2-3 minutes, yet they can have an immediate and profound impact on how we are travelling in our day and life.

We have just launched our Meditative Exercises E-Book which focuses on cultivating an awareness, or mindfulness, of our body and breath.  You can purchase ($9.95 for immediate download) the Meditative Exercises E-Book here

And I have provided some instructions below for a movement exercise that is great for releasing tension in the neck and shoulders, areas were many of us habitually hold a lot of stress and tightness. In this exercise we become powerfully aware of the difference between holding and letting go.

Shoulder Shrug
1. You can do this exercise standing or seated, just keep your head up and shoulders back, with arms hanging loosely by your side. Observe and listen to your body throughout the exercise.

2. Taking a deep inhalation, raise both shoulders up towards your ears (a gentle squeeze)

3. Then while holding your breath for a moment, roll your shoulders back slightly (towards the back of your body)

4. Then when you exhale, dramatically allow your shoulders and the exhalation to whoosh out of your body, a completely letting go to the power of gravity

5. And then rest a moment until you are ready to take another inhalation

6. Repeat about five time

.. and yes I realise that shrugging your shoulders is not going to enlighten you, help you win tattslotto or make you blissfully happy .. but it can radically change how you feel in your body and mind in this moment.  

And realising that we can powerful change the way we feel in a given moment .. well this is a life tool!

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