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Monday, 4 November 2013

Night Sky Meditation

As the evening approaches the chaotic sounds we humans make start to diminish and the sounds of the natural world around us become a lot more apparent.
With nights falling things quieten .. the air changes .. the smells around us are different and we are reminded that it is time to retire from the busy-ness of the day.
Take some time tonight to walk in the magical time of dusk, when the sky changes colour and people have returned home .. and see if you can find somewhere to sit and star gaze.
Gazing at the sky and the blanket of stars above us, reminds us that we are just a part of an infinitely vast and amazingly complex universe.
Resting (and meditating) in the presence of the night sky eases our transition from daytime busyness to night time quietness .. helps us unwind and still at day’s end.
When was the last time you sat outside and gazed at the heavens above you?

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