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Friday, 8 November 2013

Meditation coach

A lovely message from a client after her first private meditation class ..
"Wow – I hummed classical music as a I drove back to the office. Working with you is like a mind massage!"

The message arrived just a couple of hours after our get together.

Later this week we catch up again for a follow up. I encourage some 'space' between classes when working privately with someone. Space is so important .. allowing us to do the meditation 'practice' and experience the challenges, the insights, the flow .. before progressing.

Meeting one-one-one allows us to meet on your ground, within your daily life, and together look at meditation techniques and exercises that might best meet your unique lifestyle (and learning style) .. and sessions can be tailored to meet specific needs, timeframe or individual challenges.

Kind of like having a Meditation Coach .. it’s wonderfully organic, it grows with you when you are ready to leap to the next stage, and supports you when you need support.

It is so rewarding being able to share this journey.

Do you meditate?

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