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Sunday, 3 November 2013

Diva Thoughts

[Pic: Jessica Rabbit Diva by Jacanepa]
I read this line the other day ... that the purpose of basic meditation is to go to the
'other side of thoughts'
Many people come to meditation in the hope of quietening their overactive mind, usually with the misconception that they must work hard to stop their thoughts.
Rather .. when taking our seat in meditation perhaps we could think of it as taking our seat in the audience of a big lavish stage production.
As we settle into our seat, and the lights dim, we have an opportunity (and permission) to consciously 'let go' of the world outside and our need to control that world .. and instead settle into the place of
Outside the theatre our thoughts were loud, colourful and the driver of our world .. like the diva taking to the stage right now in a sparkling outfit with high drama and loud voice designed to capture our attention.
But as our awareness and focus settle, and we relax into our seat, we begin to also notice the support cast, the lighting, the set and creative decoration, the nuances of the whole production.
We come into the moment and the whole production unfold for us.
Our mind, our body, our inner voice .. are all a part of our meditation and as an observer all we need to do is just watch with deep interest, their arrival on-stage and their departure. 
When not trying to direct the play .. we can just observe without the need to do anything.
Our thoughts (the diva) will come and go, but are just one part of the experience.  Unless we call them back on stage .. they will pass.

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