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Thursday, 14 November 2013

Clearing your head with meditation

It is always great to hear people share their meditation experience .. it can be inspiring to see how other's incorporate meditation into their lives, and the benefits they find from a regular practice.

In my news feed this morning is a report that Ray Dalio "Hedge Fund Genius" claims meditation is the secret to his success.
"I've been doing it for 44 years, twice a day for 20 minutes," says Ray Dalio, the guru behind Bridgewater Associates, speaking at Tuesday's NYTimes Dealbook Conference.
"It's such a great investment ... more than any other factor in my success. It opens up the two sides of the brain, brings a creativity and open-mindedness."
He adds, "It allows you to clear your head and bring an equanimity to everything."
If you have been wondering what all the fuss is about .. thinking you might want to learn a little more about meditation then you might be interested in a new SUPER SPECIAL OFFER coming soon .. I realised this morning that some of you might like to take our Quiet Mind Meditation E-Course as a total offering (rather than the the 31Day e-mail based course that is not running again until 1st January) and pace your own learning over the coming Christmas/Summer break. 

Then I thought I should thrown in our Find The Stillness guided meditation CD so you have that support for your practice as well.  

I think this bundle would also be a wonderful gift for someone you care about (the gift of inner peace and calmness).  Details shortly. 

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