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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

I want to .. just be!

A meditation technique provides us with an anchor .. something for our mind to focus on until we settle and find our point of stillness. 
With practice we find that we can sit with just bare attention ~ so there is less ‘doing’ and more ‘being’.  
One way to reach this place of ‘just being’ is by regularly allowing our chosen meditation technique to soften and drift away, spending more time just sitting with a calmness and ease embracing silence and spaciousness.
Whatever might be your personal meditation practice, I always suggest some time walking in the OPEN FIELD when our technique is allowed to rest and we sit with whatever comes.  In this way we experience distractions, habitual reactions, emotions and sensations without our anchor ~ gaining a greater awareness of our experience and also building our 'meditation muscle' to remain calm and in our centre despite the distractions.
This month - NOVEMBER - I have themed our Sunday Meditation Series "JUST BEING" so that participants have an opportunity to sit in stillness and 'just be'.  There will be a little guided meditation with plenty of opportunity to just BE.
This month take advantage of a weekly dose of stillness before the impending demands of Christmas and end of year celebrations.  Bookings at:

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