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Monday, 30 September 2013

My 15 Program and girls weekend escape

This weekend I was down the coast on a well deserved 'Girls weekend'.
Early on Saturday morning us long-term girlfriends escaped family, commitments and routines, armed with latte and muffins in the car, and headed off merrily down the highway to find the ocean!  Once in sight of that blue endless Australian coast we found a winery on the peninsula.  Lunch.  Wine.  Loads of laughter.  Escape.

Next morning my Day 28 email from the 'My 15 Minutes' program arrived.  I had woken with the local bird community and meditated for my usual 20minutes totally enthralled by the deep silence of rural coastal life on an early Sunday morning; and then I read my task for the day.

Day 28 - Where to Next?

"A change is as good as a holiday, but a holiday is also good!

And you can make a great start on planning your next one in 15minutes or less, particularly if you dash through the 'to do' list below without over thinking!"

A thoroughly enjoyable and easy challenge, funnily timed for actually being away on one of those quickly arranged escapes - and with a group of girlfriends that have embraced countless holidays and weekend escapes together. 

We are always discussing future 'when' and 'where' opportunities, and I could easily roll off a list of a dozen different islands, countries and rural hideaways that we have discussed and dreamed about over the years. 

My dream for 2014 is Bali (for a big milestone birthday) and India (or a long planned and longed for journey of the heart and spirit) and our own Australian coast for any/every weekend we can cobble together this coming Summer.

It is with immense gratitude and love that I know my friends would join me - in a second.

Registrations in the current round of My 15 Minutes will close this Friday 4th October at midnight. 
Make big changes in your life in baby steps between now and Christmas - for $97.
"Audrey and Emma really understand that feeling of overwhelm and being swamped by the little things, and sometimes the big things, and that ever present feeling that you'll never catch up no matter how hard you try. It doesn't matter what went wrong, or why, but My 15 Minutes will take you on a journey to spend 15 minutes each day, making small changes to help get back on top of your game."
"I'm participating in a brilliant personal development program called My 15 Minutes. I am really loving it — it's helping me rise above that suffocating feeling, get stuff done and it's great fun too."

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