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Thursday, 22 August 2013

What is this coveted thing .. 'Work Life Balance'

When I left the corporate world .. god, it was such a relief!
Now I would have ten additional hours in my day to do the good stuff.  Enjoy the sunshine, catch up on sleep, do some regular exercise and cook amazingly healthy meals ~ and finally get some of that damn work-life balance!
As a single mum juggling studies, teaching meditation at night, setting up my own business and (desperately) wanting to spend more time with family ..

this was my chance to attain BALANCE

And I got a little. For a little while.
There were some weeks when I ‘lunched’, took an afternoon nap, cleaned out a cupboard or helped out at my child’s school. But pretty quickly my new life .. my new business, my dreams and passion .. took over everything. And I found I had exchanged one ‘busy, overwhelming, juggling life’ for another.
I don't believe that work-life balance is a ‘thing’ you can acquire.  BALANCE is an elusive quality that revolves around a constantly changing field of choices and possibilities, and is better found when we understand that the puzzle is one that needs to unfold over the longer term. 
This morning my social media feed seemed to be revolving around finding ‘work life balance’ .. a little amusing as I had just finished a text conversation with a friend who was on the train hurtling towards her corporate day job (no doubt wishing she had more time at home), after I had just finished getting a child off to school before diving into an early morning client interview: still in my pj’s not having had time to change (wishing a little that I had an office to go to).  We are all juggling stuff. Finding our way.
Ultimately if we seek balance in our life then we need to commit to MAKING IT SO

My meditation practice totally supports my sense of balance.  Even with a busy, over committed and hectic life, I relish that I have an opportunity each day to sit in stillness and draw from that deeper, solid, unwavering peacefulness and calmness that resides within. 

Meditation can be the doorway to finding that elusive work-life balance

Meditation Tip: Just five minutes a day can start your meditation journey.  To meditate all you need is the intention to be still, a place to sit comfortably, to close your eyes and watch your breath. When you breath in, know that you are breathing in .. and when you breath out, know that you are breathing out. Watching your breath as if it is the most exciting and mesmerising event in your world in this moment. Doing this practice for just 5-10minutes each day will give you a little ‘balance’ and open the doorway to your intuition/soul/inner voice where you can hear your deepest needs and desires.
Life Balance Tip: Check out the amazing new My 15 Minutes program from Emma (WorkLife Bliss) that will provide you with amazing guidance and support over the next three months so that you can achieve some of your dreams and desires ~ starting with an investment of just 15 minutes a day.

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