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Monday, 1 July 2013

Flow ..

Today is Day 1 of our Quiet Mind Meditation E-Course
(you can still join us this week .. see 'E-Course' tab above)

Learning meditation is really quite simple, but like any new skill it takes practice and persistence. 
We often don't like 'having' to do practice.
But a violinist doesn't play Bach the first time she picks up the instrument .. she learns the basics (again and again), practices with enthusiasm and passion, makes mistakes and corrections, and improves over time.
Experience and consistency of practice will over time allow the musician to step away from the 'technique' and the music to FLOW from a place of deep knowing.
We sit and do our meditation practice so that we are ready to FLOW.
You can read all the books, attend all the classes and discuss your thoughts on meditation .. but the reality is that you have no way of knowing unless you DO IT!
The 31-Day E-Course is based on a daily email .. which acts as a reminder and trigger to DO IT!
Have you DONE IT today! 

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