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Thursday, 27 June 2013

Yes You Can Meditate!

Ever noticed how slow and inefficient your computer becomes when you continue to load up programs, images, movies and apps?
In the yogic tradition it is believed that every thought, emotion and experience we encounter in life, leaves an energetic imprint on our mind; and when our mind is overwhelmed with information and sensory input we often find our ability to think clearly and creatively becomes compromised. Like computer memory, we cannot expect to perform at our peak if we fail to regularly delete some of the unnecessary information and refresh the system.
I recently ran a workshop titled "Instant Relief - Meditative Exercises" during which participants learnt some simple and practical exercises that can be done 'in the moment' to self manage stress and relieve tension and tightness in the body and mind.
Meditative Exercises are simple, practical and powerful techniques that allow us to break the pattern of rising stress, releasing tension and gaining a sense of balance and ease ~ whenever we need to. Often based on key elements of longer and more traditional meditation practices, they can be easily incorporated into daily life. We learn to relax .. anywhere and anytime.
Learning to stay cool under pressure, diffuse tension and stress as it accumulates through the day, and implement simple practices that deeply rest us (body and mind) ~ enables us to step back from the edge, see the bigger picture, tap into our innate intuitive abilities and bring forth creative solution.
"Breathing In ~ Breathing Out" Mantra
A mantra is a word, phrase or sound that can be said aloud, or repeated silently in your mind. The word Mantra literally translates as 'something to lean the mind upon'. As we immerse ourselves in the rhythm and sound of the mantra, it starts to weave itself into the rhythm and sensation of the breath, enveloping us into both the mantra and the breath. This exercise could take just a few minutes .. or might become your lifelong meditation practice. All you need is right here.
1. Close your eyes, check your posture and take a few deep relaxing breaths
2. Try to remain alert and aware as you just pay attention to your breath for a few moments
3. When ready begin the reciting the mantra silently in your mind: "Breathing in" on the inhalation ... "Breathing out" on the exhalation
4. Silently and gently allow the mantra to synchronise with your natural breathing rhythm (trying not the change the breath)
5. As you inhale through the nose think "Breathing in" .. as you exhale through the nose think "Breathing out"
6. If you notice your mind starting to space out or you get lost in a thought; try repeating the words more precisely or accentuate the rhythm
7. To bring the exercise to a close, gradually let the mantra soften until it fades into silence
8. And allow a little time to sit in the silence before returning to your next task.
It really is quiet simple. And delightful and profound. Just a few minutes silently reciting the "Breathing in - Breathing Out" mantra is all you need to begin your meditation journey.
If you would like to learn more about meditation and starting a regular practice our 31-Day Meditation E-Course starts on Monday 1st JULY (further details posted below).

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