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Thursday, 6 June 2013

'Quiet Mind' e-newsletter out

Just hit send on our June E-Newsletter "Quiet Mind"

.. you can sign up HERE .. and since it is suddenly Winter here in Melbourne there are some free resources and suggestions for your time indoors this month.  I have been so cold this week, despite lots of cosy clothes and warm socks, I am already dreaming of warmer weather up North and the possibility of a road trip out of here!  {Seriously though I am contemplating a short retreat but more on that once its sorted}.

In the meantime .. our newsletter provides some resources for YOU this month in honour of our natural desire to slow .. relax .. cosy-up and be still ..

* Details on how to join Sarah McLean's Facebook study group to support your reading of her book "Soul-Centered: Transform Your life in 8 Weeks with Meditation". I completed the study group a few weeks ago and it was brilliant fun, insightful and inspiring .. and FREE

* A link to a FREE guided breath meditation by the amazing Tara Brach .. one that you can download and build into your monthly meditation practice

I also talk a little about being a Meditation Coach and there is a current schedule of classes .. our next Exploring Meditation (6week) courses start in JULY and bookings are already coming in BOOKINGS HERE. 

Stay warm .. and you can sign up for our Quiet Mind e-newsletter HERE


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