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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Read all about it .. meditation

I shared on my Facebook page earlier in the week the interesting threads I found in my read of FastCompany over the weekend.

Firstly, reading 'How Meditation Can Help With Everything' which pointed to western research corroborating the ancient Eastern understanding of meditation ..
that cultivating a meditation practice can help you become a better leader and more creative

Moving along then to FastCompany's '100 most creative people 2013' which continued to advance the thought that ..
creativity is one of the most valued traits/attributes in modern business today
And then .. an article 'Tomorrow's Leaders Will Be Flexible, Selfless, And Ready To Collaborate' which reported on research that found 81% of people surveyed said that "power today is about influence rather than control." That, in the sharing economy (of the future) .. 
the chances of winning are increased if you help others along the way

And the underlying flow for me .. MEDITATION

Cultivating a regular meditation practice allows us to be come more familiar with our mind.  We have then an opportunity to peel back the layers and skins (habits, thought patterns, labels) and better understand ourselves (and others)
.. and we find that in that clarity and stillness (that is always within) is a pool of inspiration, creativity and insight.
I love that.  That meditation flowed through my reading over the weekend., totally unexpectedly.

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