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Monday, 25 March 2013

A Little Meditative Moment

The last week has been ALL about Meditative Exercises .. simple, practical and short meditative practices that helps us get rid of the unwanted symptoms of stress, clear out the clutter and rest mind and body .. when we need to, right in the moment!
I feel like I have been swept up into a little cosmic bundle of excitement around meditation and a renewed interest in finding tools that allow us to bring the benefits of meditation into our busy, demanding and chaotic daily lives.

Meditation is not rock-science .. it just takes a little interest, a little patience and a willingness to DO IT! 
Meditative Exercises are ideal for all those who say "but I don't have time" or "I'm too busy" because these wonderful exercises may only take  2-3 minutes, yet can have an immediate and profound impact on how we are travelling in our day and life.
Last week:
* was contacted by a journalist interested in talking about Meditative Exercises for stress management .. how those in the work environment can calm and clear their mind so that they can operate at their highest potential
* ran an Instant Relief Meditative Exercises workshop and again witnessed the positive and enthusiastic response from participants who realised they were SO better able to manage their stress and wellbeing .. they now had the tools!
* developed a small 'Meditative Exercises : How To' booklet for workshop participants which gave me an opportunity to put down a wealth of thoughts and tips (that have been floating around my notebook) into one nice neat package to send out into the world
*renewed my drive and inspiration for completing my "Meditative Exercises for Everyday Life" E-Book which I aim to release next month (more details soon).

And in our Monday Meditation Musing this week I included one of our body awareness practices .. it is often when our muscles tense and hardened that we create a barrier between body and brain; a barrier that can make it almost impossible to concentrate and relax.
Shoulder Shrug
A great exercise for releasing tension in the neck and shoulders; an area were many of us habitually hold a lot of stress and tightness. In this exercise we become powerfully aware of the difference between holding and releasing tension.

1. You can do this exercise standing or seated, just keep your head up and shoulders back, with arms hanging loosely by your side. Observe and listen to your body throughout the exercise.
2. Taking a deep inhalation, raise both shoulders up tightly towards your ears (squeeze)
3. While holding your breath gently for a moment, roll your shoulders back slightly (towards the back of your body)
4. Then dramatically allow your shoulders and exhalation to simply fall out of your body, a completely letting go to the power of gravity
5. And then rest a moment until you are ready to take another inhalation
6. Repeat about five times.
.. and yes I realise that shrugging your shoulders is not going to enlighten you, help you win tattslotto or make you blissfully happy .. but it can radically change how you feel in your body and mind in this moment.  And realising that we can powerful change the way we feel in this moment .. and it is moments that make up our day and our life.

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