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Monday, 17 December 2012

Meditative Exercises : Learning how to de-stress

Good morning meditators!

Did you have a good start to this bright and new day?

How we start our day is vital to how our day progresses.

The wonderful thing (one of the wonderful things) about a morning meditation practice is that you have an opportunity to set the 'tone' of your day .. touching and 'marinating' in that silence and peacefulness within gives us a wonderful platform to move into our day.

Perhaps you don't have time to meditate in the mornings?

Then I suggest a short meditative exercise as a great starting point.  There are dozens of these short practices that can have a profound and immeidate effect on our stress level.

Breath practices are ideal. When we ease into longer and slower breaths through the nose, we initiate the bodies natural relaxation response .. enjoying a deep breath also connects us with our body and mind in the present moment so that we can become more aware of our body .. are your shoulders tight and sore, are you clenching your jaw, is your tummy hard and unsettled?

Taking a few moments to practice a breath awareness exercise can have an immediate affect on how you feel .. and allows you to ground yourself before you step into your day.

We shall explore a range of meditative exercises in our upcoming 2013 Summer Meditation E-Course starting 1st January 2013.

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