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Friday, 7 December 2012

Do you Facebook?

Are you on Facebook?

Looking back over the busy month just past .. I realise that I have posted loads of meditation inspiration on our Facebook page .. and not as much here. Funny.

One of the wonderful things about Facebook is that I am able to keep in touch with all the inspirational people that I have met on my life journey (along with friends and family) .. keeping connected with what they are doing, what they are reading .. sharing in a much bigger world and finding magic everywhere ..  

Our Quiet Mind Facebook page also allows us to keep motivating, inspiring and reminding our friends to take a moment to just pause, breathe and refresh mind and body. 

As we become increasingly busy with Christmas/Holidays almost upon us .. we need to be vigilant in finding those moments (even seconds) when we can come back to ourselves.  Just a moment of peacefulness and calmness .. can make all the difference to how you feel, how you move through your day, how you respond to others .. here are a few things we shared on Facebook this week ...

Monday:  Meditation (tick) Lunches & School Drop off (tick) Gym workout (tick) Dog walk (tick) .. coffee + toast (tick) .. and now .. and full day of possibilities .. with that nice feeling of having done the most important things first! Have a great day and please find a few minutes to just PAUSE and watch your BREATH .. refreshing and awakening mind and body.

Tuesday : some days you can't fix things .. not quickly or quietly .. and so we learn the lesson again (like in our meditation .. every time we sit down) .. to take a deep breathe and just-let-go :)

Wednesday: Not 'the best' meditation .. but a good night sleep also refreshes the mind and body. Many people try to meditate before sleep but what falling asleep is not meditation, and sometimes meditation can invigorate and wake us. Try to fit in a meditation practice a few hours before sleep .. this also helps us slow down and release the day so we do sleep better. Good night all :)

Thursday: It's FREE .. requires no $ or equipment .. has no negative side affects .. can be practiced anywhere and anytime .. refreshes and refocuses .. is relatively easy to learn .. has stuck around for 1000s of years (yep because it works) .. has a list of scientifically and medically researched benefits .. and it feels great .. so, what are you waiting for?

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