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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Stress Down Day : 27 July

Friday 27 July is Stress Down Day

Dress to stress less!

Everyday Lifeline receives 1,250 calls from Australians in need of support, and up to 50 of these calls are from people at high risk.

A recent national poll commissioned by Lifeline Australia found that 91% of adult Australians feel stress in at least one important area of their lives, and more alarmingly, 41% of Australians indicated they were experiencing unhealthy levels of stress. Many years ago I worked with a Lifeline counsellor and along with learning so much more about the work they do, I was inspired by the amazing work and dedication of the Lifeline team. 

The Stress Down Day is designed to be an easy and fun way to reduce stress levels (and identifying your stressors and finding ways to manage your stress is vital) while raising awareness and funds for Lifeline. You could wear the Stress Down Slippers for the day, or wear your PJ’s to work (I can do that!) .. organise a free morning team or take some time out during the day to have a little fun, fresh air and time with friends.

You can fundraise or donate online .. and your donations will go to help Lifeline to continue their amazing work.

Go to http://www.stressdown.org.au/ to find out more .. and download the What is Stress Fact Sheet and Overcoming Stress Tool Kit.

*We believe that meditation is a life tool .. that everyone can learn.  Meditation teaches us how to deeply relaxing the body and calm the mind.

If your organisation (or you individually) would like to explore some simple, practical meditative exercises (for fairly immediate relaxation) and learn more about some of the benefits found in starting a personal meditation practice .. please contact Sarah on 0417 403 714.  We run regular on-site wellness programs, group classes and private instruction.

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