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Friday, 4 May 2012

A Mantra for today .. re-lax

Would'nt it be ideal .. if all we had to do was push a button on our computer .. and instantly we relax.

Failing that happening anytime soon .. my suggestion is to learn to meditate!  Learning to self manage our stress whenever we want to, or need to (resting body and mind in the process) is what I consider a life skill.

There are many different forms of meditation, many of which have been practiced and passed on (often orally) for thousands of years.  Each type of meditation focuses our attention in a slightly different way .. you may have heard of visualisation, TM, Relaxation Response, walking, chanting or mindfulness.  There are certainly other techniques .. ideally we find the technique that works best for us .. so that we 'do it' and experience some of the acknowledged benefits of a regular meditation practice.

Meditation is the practice of deeply relaxing the body, calming the mind and awakening the senses - reaching a state of restful awareness. 

Mantra is a meditation practice that uses 'words to replace words'.  A mantra can be repeated silently or out aloud, and as the mantra weaves itself into the breath, other words (the chatter and constant ruminating mind) tend to fall away.

I just wrote a short article for myspaguide on a mantra "Re-lax".  Using a mantra that holds a special meaning or significance, can have a profound impact on our mind state, leading us away from the subconscious negative mind chatter fuelling our feelings of stress, to a sense of calmness and ease that we associate with the word  .. you can read more here "Mantra : Re-lax".

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