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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Meditation Classes Starting Next Week ..

Meditation is a life skill!

I learnt to meditate when I was in my senior year at high school.  I totally 'got it' from the very first class.

It continues to amaze me that there are not more opportunities available for everyone to learn these very gentle, very wonderful and very beneficial practices (from simply watching our breath, to recognising stress and relaxation in our body, to sitting still and embracing silence).

So .. if you have been wondering about meditation .. wondering how to relax and how to tap into that deep calmness within ..

Now is the time!  JOIN US!

(a 6-Week Beginners Program)

Tue. 7th February (6.30 - 8.00pm) : Parkdale 
~ or ~
Wed. 8th February (6.30 - 8.00pm) : Black Rock

A straightforward, practical and non-religious approach to meditation.

A six week course that provides an opportunity to get ‘into the flow’ of meditation, and gain insight into the benefits found in a regular meditation practice.  Exploring Meditation Program is $175 ($165 each if you book with a friend).

Our six week Exploring Meditation Program looks something like this:

* Week 1 : core meditation principals, the ‘how’ and ‘why’, Body Awareness practices
* Week 2 : the impact of stress, short meditative exercises & longer practices (both invaluable), Breath practices
* Week 3 : the brain, the process of meditation, Mantra and Affirmation practices
* Week 4 : obstacles and antidotes, measuring your progress, Mindfulness practices
* Week 5 : starting your own daily meditation practice, resources, Stillness practices
* Week 6 : going it alone, resources, and more practice!

To REGISTER : info@quietmind.com.au

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