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Friday, 17 February 2012

Casual Morning Meditation Classes

The time has come .. following on from frequent requests I have found a nice space for some daytime meditation classes.

Not only is the space local and handy to busy school mums (with a number of big schools in walking distance) .. but it is also where I used to go as a child to play on the old tennis courts and attend classes in the big hall.    The idea was to provide an opportunity for the community to drop off the kids at school .. and take an hour to learn some practical relaxation and meditation techniques.

We start next week : Tuesday 21st February from 9.30 to 10.30am.

I have some thoughts about what the format for the hour might be .. but I also want to see what evolves. There is likely to be a brief introduction to the meditation practice of the day (taking into account there may be complete beginners who need a little more instruction), a short meditative exercise (to relax and centre us), and then either one or two longer (15-25min) guided meditations depending on how much time we have. 

Over time we shall look at a range of meditation practices including breath and body awareness, listening, mantra, mindfulness and maybe even movement meditation .. and also allow some time for silence which is the ideal learning environment.

I am rather excited about a morning meditation group .. a great start to the day .. feeling a little more centered and relaxed.

DROP IN .. bring along a cushions/stools if your prefer to sit on the floor .. class is $12.

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